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Rich Hawkins

Name: Rich Hawkins

Qualifications & Place of Study: Leeds College of Music BTEC Music Technology, HND Music Production

Favourite show played: A friend and I used to play as an acoustic duo at hotel, we were supposed to play for about 30mins, but the other acts didn’t turn up so we ended up needing to play for 3 hours. Although not a traditional answer for ‘good gig’, we had to really pull some songs out of the bag, including some we hadn’t played for years… or ever! It was very rewarding to get through that show, and I always remember it.

Desert Island Disc: Tough one… My favourite album is probably Yanky Hotel Foxtrot by Wilco, but ask me on different day and you will probably get a different answer.

What you love about music: There’s so much I love about music. I love creating something from nothing, starting with only very rough ideas, but then it comes together to form something incredible.

Motto: It is better to have a thousand bad ideas that you can work on and develop, than to sit and struggle to come up with one perfect idea.


Ever since Rich’s drum teacher set up some of the equipment at his high school to make a recording studio, his passion has mainly been in music production, and that is the career path he chose. After leaving High School he attended Leeds College of Music studying Music Technology and Music Production, he was also getting experience recording local bands and putting on some local gigs.

His first real job in music was in Berlin, Germany working for Jamba, as a content producer. His main roles there were editing music for mobile content and editing/mastering audio for television adverts. Probably the most well known content he was involved with was The Crazy Frog.

After leaving Jamba, Rich worked on a couple of small budget films as a sound recordist, before starting as the manager and then owner of The Rock & Roll Circus Studios, where he became involved with Rock School UK.

Although Rich’s professional history has been in music production, he also plays a couple of instruments and has been involved in various musical projects in Leeds and Berlin.

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