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Nathan Moseley

Name: Nathan Moseley, nickname Egg

Instruments played: Drums, guitar, keys, vocals

Qualifications & Place of Study: BA Hons in Popular music @ Leeds College of Music

Favourite show played: Deer Shed festival 2012 with Moody Gowns because I got the whole crowd stood in a circle passing round a ring on a string singing “How Green You Are”.

Desert Island Disc: Beach Boys- Pet Sounds

What you love about music: Making other people feel or think something and the buzz of creativity!

Motto: Kaizen- it means change for better!

Biography: Nathan has been active in music for the last 15 years, he started as a drummer and has picked up other instruments along the way. Nathan has also now ventured into production & songwriting in a big way.

Over the years he has played hundreds of gigs, been in a number of bands, done session work, performed live on radio 1, and given his enthusiasm and expertise to lots of young musicians. Currently, he has just returned from SXSW after playing there with Brolin who he will be touring with again soon and he is working on a new solo project called Damiki.

Website Links: (new solo project) (drums/vocals for live)

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