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Jack Hughes

Name: Jack Hughes

Qualifications & Place of Study: Creative Music & Sound Technology Bsc (Leeds Metropolitan University), PGCE Music (Middlesex University).

Favourite show played: Just so long as there’s a lively crowd and a healthy rider, it’ll be good!

Desert Island Disc: Hunky Dory (David Bowie). A great album by the great musical chameleon.

What you love about music: I love the fact that 4 people (sometimes more, sometimes less) can sit in a room, strum some guitars, write some songs and potentially change the world forever.

Motto: Diversify your musical talents and be open minded towards all styles of music.

Biography: Jack first started playing guitar at the tender age of ten when his grandma bought him a battered old acoustic. Growing up in London he played in a number of bands and had a saturday job in the Sound Suite studios in Camden. After leaving school in 2002 he moved to Leeds to study at university gaining a BA (Hons) Creative Music and Sound Technology. Jack Started working at Rock School way back in 2009 and although he currently resides in Brighton, still manages to come back ‘oop’ north every summer for some Rock School fun!

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