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Indian Drumming Workshops

With 2017 being the Indian Year of Culture, Rock School UK’s Indian drumming workshops will introduce your pupils to the traditional sounds of India. During our Indian drumming workshops, your pupils will have the opportunity to learn how to play a range of Indian drums and percussion instruments such as the Dhol, Thumbi, Chipli, Manjira Bells, and the Dhap. Pupils will have the opportunity to learn traditional Dhol rhythms. These rhythms can be played in unison or as multi part and solo part sections. Indian vocabulary poetry is quite amazing as every sound that is produced on the Dhol can be spoken word for word; this is will be fascinating for your pupils to explore.  

Core & soft skills focussed on during all workshops;

  • Introduction to a range of Indian drums and percussion instruments
  • Confidence building and self esteem
  • Group interaction & creativity
  • Communication and social skills
  • Concentration and memory retention
  • Self control and patience

Performance: Although a performance is optional, we strongly encourage this at the end of each session. This allows some parents, teachers and peers to share in the children’s success.

2021/22 Dates

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