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Alex Slade

Name:  Alex Slade

Qualifications & Place of Study: 1st class honours degree in music from Leeds Beckett University

Distinction in music BTEC from Huish Episcopi Academy

Grade 5 in music theory

Favourite show played: Headlining my local festival in front of 1500+ people with ska band Fast Decline!

Desert Island Disc: Red Hot Chili Peppers – Stadium Arcadium

What you love about music: Music brings people together more than any other art form! Every single person in the world has a favourite tune or beat that you can learn to appreciate 

Motto: If you don’t care enough to fail, then you’re not trying hard enough!

Biography: I’m a guitarist, bassist, drummer, and producer from Glastonbury, Somerset. My main musical interests are all things funky and I currently reside in a ska-punk band called Duvet. Over the years I have played in many musical projects ranging from a 3 piece rock trio to a 24 piece jazz swing band! I studied music at GCSE, BTEC, A Level, and degree level so consider myself to be pretty well educated when it comes to music! I have had the opportunity to support some great acts in Leeds, and to play some of its most prolific venues such as Brudenell, Verve, and The Lending Room. I have worked with bands of all different genres and am always excited to explore new musical opportunities.

Website links:

Joe Goodwin and The Lost Souls: (I played bass for this whole E.P):

Dukes: (I co-wrote, played guitar, did backing vocals, recorded and produced this tune)

The Frets: (My college band that I wrote, recorded and produced this song for)

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